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Typical Struggles TPAs Face 

The third party administration (TPA) industry is at a crossroads. Administrators across the Midwest and United States are under pressure to grow, but it’s becoming more complicated to compete against the large insurers and national TPAs who continue to consolidate the industry. Smaller TPAs everywhere are experiencing the same issues:

  • It’s a struggle to keep existing business because of price competition and the need to offer more services
  • Introducing new technologies and products is necessary in order to compete, but they’re often cost-prohibitive
  • The TPA business carries awfully low margins and it’s tough to make a profit in this business
  • TPAs need to find the balance in keeping costs down and efficiencies up  
  • The rise in enrollment for consumer driven health plans (CDHPs) continues at a torrid pace and if TPAs aren’t offering such services and expertise today, they are often left behind
  • TPAs must have more sophisticated cost control and medical risk management services as part of their overall package or clients will leave and new sales will dry up
  • Clients of small and mid-size TPAs (and the brokers selling for them) are being targeted by the big carriers and administrators across the U.S. as easy pickings 

Business Consulting & BPO Services 

At Armada Business Services, LLC, we understand all of these challenges and have the experience needed to help you overcome them. With The Armada Solution and our team of professionals, we offer the right mix of business consulting and business process outsourcing solutions to keep your company competitive.

Serving the Midwest and Northern/Southern U.S., Armada Business Services, Inc., consults with TPAs on
business development planning, consumer driven health plans and benefits administration.