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Sales & Marketing Plan Development to
Acquisition Strategy 
Third party administrator (TPA) owners and managers throughout the United States are in a tough position: competition is growing fiercer, new products/services are constantly hitting the market, pricing pressures are coming from clients and brokers and keeping profitable is of top concern. With so many demands, there’s no way to maintain the level of expertise needed in all areas.

Let Armada Business Services of Wisconsin help! We’ll provide the information, knowledge and power to keep you at the forefront of the TPA industry.

Custom Business Consulting for TPAs

Sales and Marketing Plan Development & Implementation
No business grows without a solid, workable sales and marketing plan based on the unique needs of a TPA’s market area. Armada Business Services delivers a complete evaluation of products and services, market competition and problems and opportunities, followed by delivery of a comprehensive written sales and marketing plan. <Back to top>

Evaluation of Potential Outsourcing Vendors & Processes
Increasingly, TPAs are looking to outsource various functions in order to bring clients efficiencies and cost savings. In a low margin business like ours, finding a vendor that can provide internal processes in a more effective, less expensive manner may mean the difference between profitability and bankruptcy. We’ll provide an analysis of potential business outsourcing needs (data entry, mail room operations, data management, etc.) and the vendor resources available to fit your organization’s outsourcing plans. <Back to top>

Comprehensive TPA Operational Evaluation
With hundreds of TPAs currently serving clients across the United States, it’s critical to know how you stack up against the competition and how to achieve best-in-class status. Armada Business Services will conduct a review of your TPA’s functional areas – from claim service administration to technology and support services – and develop a full recommendation of best practices and performance standards. <Back to top>

Merger & Acquisition Strategy Consultation
Mergers and acquisitions continue to be a driving force in the benefit management industry. For the TPA looking to grow through acquisitions or mergers, or the organization considering selling, Armada Business Services will provide a complete review of strategies necessary to pursue such options, along with valuation of potential targets and/or suitors. <Back to top>

Technology/Administration System Evaluation
With an in-depth look at the lifeblood of your TPA business, we’ll review the capabilities of your current administration system and assist in the search for a new one. We also deliver recommendations on software and hardware needs for TPAs looking to remain on the cutting edge. <Back to top>

Business IT Consulting
TPAs are finding that capable business IT staff is getting harder to find and keep. Take advantage of our expertise in all aspects of your company’s technology needs to stay one step ahead. <Back to top>

Consumer Driven Health Plan Consulting & Development
It’s no secret: if you’re not selling and administering consumer driven health plans, you’re going to lose market share. Let us bring our expertise in designing and administering the Consumer Driven model to you. We’ve been implementing and administering unique programs for tens of thousands of people in the U.S. since 2001. We know what works. We’ll teach you. <Back to top>

Serving the Midwest and Northern/Southern U.S., Armada Business Services, Inc., consults with TPAs on
business development planning, consumer driven health plans and benefits administration.