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Recognized Leaders in the U.S. TPA Industry 
The principals of Armada Business Services average over 20 years of experience in the third party administrator (TPA), insurance and managed care industry. Nationally recognized as leaders in the development of cutting edge TPA products and services, we look forward to sharing our hands-on knowledge and experience with you.

Thomas J. Doney 
Marsha M. Phillips
Holly Weiske 
Cory Gilmet

Thomas J. Doney
Tom has headed the management, sales and marketing teams for several national and regional organizations in the benefits administration industry. Business development, sales, marketing, strategic planning, stop-loss market development and mergers/acquisitions strategy are among his areas of specialty.

Tom brings over 25 years of executive management experience in third party administration, health insurance and managed care to Armada Business Services. He has worked at the senior level for many health care businesses including TPA, HMO, PPO and has also served insurance entities as CEO, vice president and director. Tom spent several years as director of marketing and provider relations for one of the largest TPAs in the U.S. and has successfully developed managed care networks throughout the nation.

Tom’s undergraduate degree is from the State University of New York College of Arts and Sciences at Geneseo, NY and his post-graduate work was done at Gannon College in Erie, Pennsylvania. <Back to top>

Marsha M. Phillips
With 20+ years of experience, Marsha has worked in various senior management roles including health insurance, PPO, HMO and the TPA industry. Her expertise in claims administration, enrollment, information systems, member services and company support functions puts her at the forefront of the benefits management industry.

Marsha is a nationally recognized expert in the area of operations and organizational administration and has headed up the development of several start-up and conversion projects throughout her career.

She holds degrees in Business Management and Nursing from Silver Lake College in Wisconsin. <Back to top>

Holly Weiske
Holly brings 23 years of knowledge in the benefits administration business to Armada Business Services. She has served in various positions with U.S. and regional insurance companies, TPAs and insurance brokerage companies.

Her expertise in client/customer service, product development, training, stop loss insurance and consumer driven health plans has led to several senior level positions in the industry. Holly is actively involved in employer-sponsored regional health care initiatives and national industry associations. <Back to top>

Cory Gilmet
Cory has been in the HMO, PPO, insurance and TPA business for over 14 years, specializing in business information technology (IT) consulting, solutions and project management. His specialty areas include software/hardware evaluation, implementation and decision support management.

Throughout his career, Cory has developed database management tools, customized reporting packages, claims workflow programs and implemented multiple business IT solutions. He has led Quality Assurance teams and coordinated multiple product implementations with outside vendors in the health care industry. Cory’s familiarity with many major programming languages, database management on multiple platforms and IT environments makes him an industry leader in the TPA business.

Cory holds a bachelor's degree from the University of Wisconsin. <Back to top>

Serving the Midwest and Northern/Southern U.S., Armada Business Services, Inc., consults with TPAs on
business development planning, consumer driven health plans and benefits administration.